Truth can be hidden, disguised, mishandled, abused, forsaken, alluded to, cross-examined, manipulated into facts and unabashedly assaulted. 

But Truth cannot long be mistaken and it doesn’t have to be defended for very long. Truth stands its ground and stares back at you. Silent & Strong. 

You Can’t Ignore Truth 

EntreMusicians love, embrace and cling to Truth. His Songs may not fit the popular formats. Her Tunes may be passed over – again. But they Will be Heard by those who Hear – who Listen – who Seek Truth. 

Be Not Discouraged! 

Speak Truth 
Write Truth 
Produce Truth 
Perform Truth 
Sell & Distribute Truth 

Soon Enough…. 
Truth Won’t Be Ignored 

I wasn’t listening to any music while writing this, but I am getting ready to listen to Bobby McFerrin’s “Bang!Zoom” which tells the Whole Truth and Nothing but…

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