The Ultra Fine Art of Narrowcasting

Have you ever ventured into a Wal-Mart for a tube of toothpaste only to approach the register with a buggy full of items totaling $149.95? 

They have us figured out so well! The Science of Psychography & Marketing have so taken apart the human mind and manipulated the triggers of sounds, shapes, colors, fonts, textures and space that we are often rendered helpless to buy. Dozens of books have been written on the methodologies that entice us to purchase and of the various strategies, one thread remains. It’s the art of ‘narrowcasting.’ The premise is “Merchants don’t sell to the Masses – They Sell to You.” 

EntreMusicians would do very well in employing this narrowcasting strategy. We often boast that we are producing and performing our music for ‘everybody,’ while the most enduring entertainers realize their success in appealing to a chosen few. 

Instead of saying, “My band plays Jazz,” why not say: “We are Unconventional Jazz Fusionists who play New Funk for Old Schoolers who grew up in the 70’s.” Or, “We play Jazz Rock for people who appreciate Coltrane AND Hendrix!” Or even, “Our Four Piece Cello Ensemble is a Grateful Dead Tribute Band.” SounDoctrine often states, “Our Music sounds like George Duke crashing into the Rolling Stones on his way to Quincy’s house while listening to Steely Dan!” It may be overkill, but it’s Specialization!! 

People love to feel and express their Uniqueness. They buy products and services that Speak personally to Them. They migrate to artistry and musicians that touch and embrace their core. Gospel Music & Hip Hop do extremely well in this context. 

Have you truly ‘studied’ your audience? Are you involved with their interests, cultural and/or political affiliation? Do you know their Age & Income bracket? Education or Career Status? Are they Married, Single, Divorced, Straight or Gay? Do they live in Urban, Rural, Warm, Dry or Wet Climates? What type of Car do they Drive & What Brand of Clothes do they Wear? Jewelry? Cologne/Perfume? These are all valid questions to ask when determining who your real audience is and to what extent you will appeal to them throughout your career. You can do simple surveys to obtain these answers. Although this approach may seem invasive, its essential information for the EM and like Wal-Mart, it may be the difference between your audience purchasing a Single Download or your Entire Discography! 

Obviously, there are exceptions (who doesn’t appreciate Stevie Wonder?) and Pop Music would make us believe that the whole world worships a Justin Bieber or a Taylor Swift, but that’s really the work of great PR machines. For the most part, these artists have only appealed to a certain segment of society… and so should we. 

I’d love to hear who you’ve written your music for and who you identify as your audience. 

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