Put Your Music On Spotify Or Else!!

I Know. I've Written About This before...and Twice Before That. I've even mentioned it in a few of my Videos.

"Get Over It!"  "It Is What It Is..."  "This Is Just the Way It Goes, The Cat's Out Of The

Seven Major Mistakes I've Made As A Bandleader

Author & Speaker Dennis Waitley once said, "Mistakes are Painful when they Happen, but Years Later a Collection of Mistakes is what is called Experience!"

So it is with a measure of honor and some distinction that I count…

Three C's to Live By!

One of the Most Rewarding Aspects about Having Good Mentors in Your Life are the Applications You Can Apply Immediately. It Doesn't Matter if the One You Follow is in Your Industry Or Not. Wisdom is Omnipresent! 

Gratefully I've…

I Lost My Phone...

I lost my phone yesterday. It’s Black with a Brushed Black Otter Box Case and Can Hide in Plain Sight as it did for close to 40 Minutes!

Obviously I had searched the 'obvious' places. I Retraced My Steps…

The Call You Can't Ignore!!

I have Three Main Calls upon My Life to which I Am Committed.  They Each Begin with the Letter M:

My Marriage (Which Includes My Our Daughters) 

My Ministry (Which Includes My Pastorate) 

My Music (No

The Awesome Avenue of Asking

There is a Wonderful Biblical Principle that is Engaging, Encouraging & Empowering no matter what Your Worldview may be. Spoken by Jesus Christ in His Sermon on The Mount in Matthew 7: 7-8, He shares this Priceless Gem: “Ask, and it


Over the years I have been blessed to be able to speak at our area Northeast Ohio High Schools, especially on Career Days to encourage Students in their endeavors and in peaking interest into the Entertainment Arena. 

As you can…

14 Absolute Guarantees You Will Never Be Called Back

Every EntreMusician has either had to Deal with a display of Unprofessionalism of Another Band/Team Member at One Time or Another. Some of us (Including Myself) have unfortunately brought such obnoxious behavior to the table and wondered why the thing fell…