Monthly Media: Melodyne Demixing & Remixing Vocals

We've been working with Melodyne for quite a while, tuning and tweaking, but are working on a project that has us extracting vocals from very old tracks to lay down on new beats, so we came across this tutorial. Some of the Comments below the video are brutal, but I'm going to try it. If You Use Melodyne or Another Software for the Sam Application, Let Me Know.

Music Licensing

In Experimenting with the Licensing of My Own Music, I've found these sites to be Tremendously Helpful & Informative

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Sample Forms

SAMPLE GIG AGREEMENT A Sample Agreement to Download & Edit for Your Gigs. Feel Free to Customize to Your Specific Needs 20.3 KB
SAMPLE PRESS RELEASE An Example of a More Standard Press Release which Highlights a Mini Tour and Charity Partnership. 81 KB
SAMPLE SONGWRITING AGREEMENT This Agreement is Useful For On & Offline Collaboration which should be agreed to and signed prior to the release of the song(s). 52.4 KB
SAMPLE PUBLISHING AGREEMENT If You are The PUBLISHER signing a Songwriter to Your Company, here are some Considerations to Get You Started 145 KB
SAMPLE PUBLISHING AGREEMENT 2 Albeit Written from the Standpoint of the Publisher, This Agreement Explains Simpler Points the Points Any Songwriter Should Be Looking For, 268 KB
SAMPLE DETAILED PERFORMANCE AGREEMENT This Agreement is Very Detailed and Should Be Used for Larger Engagements, where You are Either Headlining or Featured in a Festival or Ampitheatre Environment 101 KB
SAMPLE FILM SYNCH AGREEMENT Use this Form as a Reference if you are asked to Place Your Music in Film. The Film Company Will Most Likely Have Their Own Agreement for You to Sign. Refer to This for the "Big Rocks" 98.5 KB

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