Monthly Media: Izotope Ozone 8 & Neutron 2 (Advanced)

This Month, I began using Izotope's Neutron & Ozone 2 (Advanced) and have been nothing but spoiled. Honestly, I am going back over my old mixes and will be re-releasing a few because the mystery of mastering has been unveiled in a way I never grasped before. This is NOT an Endorsement, I get ZERO Money from Izotope for Posting This. Just  Wanted to Share some of the Tools I Work With!

Sample Forms

SAMPLE GIG AGREEMENT A Sample Agreement to Download & Edit for Your Gigs. Feel Free to Customize to Your Specific Needs 20.3 KB
SAMPLE PRESS RELEASE An Example of a More Standard Press Release which Highlights a Mini Tour and Charity Partnership. 81 KB

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