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Truth can be hidden, disguised, mishandled, abused, forsaken, alluded to, cross-examined, manipulated into facts and unabashedly assaulted. 

But Truth cannot long be mistaken and it doesn’t have to be defended for very long. Truth stands its ground and stares back…

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The Seeds of Vision 

Vision is the Ability to See Beyond What's In Front of You

The Lack of Vision is the Ability to Distort What's Right Before Your Eyes

Without Vision, People Perish (Proverbs 29:18)

But With Vision, Insight, Discernment…

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The Ultra Fine Art of Narrowcasting

Have you ever ventured into a Wal-Mart for a tube of toothpaste only to approach the register with a buggy full of items totaling $149.95? 

They have us figured out so well! The Science of Psychography & Marketing have

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