Linda Raine is a Canadian singer/songwriter from Toronto, Ontario now living in Leamington, Ontario.  Her music can best be described as Rock/Contemporary with some Celtic influences she inherited while growing up in Nova Scotia.  Raine has just released her 20th Anniversary Edition of her album "Rise" which was produced by Toronto-based producers Roberto Philipp and Cynthia Knight (1 Take Productions).  The album offers up everything from female powerhouse rock anthems to contemporary melodic ballads.
Raine learned to appreciate music at a young age while growing up in a family of musicians.  She performed throughout Southern Ontario as lead singer of "Diamond and The RUFF", a classic rock cover band who had incorporated some of her original songs into their repertoire.  Raine has appeared on Toronto's Centennial College radio program "The Original Soundtrack" and is featured in their music library of  She has recorded and performed with Jimmy Flynn (Canada's "Ambassador of Good Cheer") and had the honor of recording and working with world renowned producer, Marius De Vries, on a corporate video project in New York City.
Raine plans to continue to write and perform and has aspirations for a future country album.