About US

We Are A Growing Community of Entrepreneurial Musicians, Most Notably Aged at 50+!

Like You, We are Composers, Musicians, Producers, Bandleaders, Studio Owners, Engineers, Managers, Booking Agents, Podcasters, Bloggers, Marketers, Coaches, Teachers, Actors, "WhateverItTakers," Etc...


We Created This Space to Concentrate on the Mindset, Discipline & Focus of Building True Networking Opportunities within the EntreMusician Community.

We Engage, Encourage & Empower Each Other through Real Dialogue, Collaboration & The Honest Sharing of Valuable Resources which also include specialized Bootcamps, Masterclasses, Coaching Courses and Intensives. Your Thrive Journey Begins Here!

Our Mission is to Come Alongside You and Help You Plan, Think Through & Build Your Musical Life

Our Vision is to Become The One Community Creative Gen X'ers Come to Thrive!

Check Out Our EntreMunity which Continues to Grow!

Each Month We Feature an  EntreMusician of The Month to Shine a Brighter Light on their Artistry and through our Vlogs & Podcasts, provide Valuable Information to Keep You On the Edge of Your Life & Career!


Here's How We Can Help You!

  • Music Production
  • Creative Consultation
  • Live Event Planning
  • Vocal Coaching
  • Understanding Contracts
  • Copyright / Publishing
  • Clearing Music / Samples
  • Career Coaching
  • Online Recording / Mixing / Mastering
  • Customized Newsletters / Press Releases
  • Networking Opps
  • Song Collaboration

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