Abounding Opportunities!

You Are Meant to Succeed, Prosper & Thrive! 

Cement that truth into your Head & Heart Right Now. 

Say it Over & Over and OVER Again until it gets into Your Spirit. 

Once you take it for granted that you are on this earth to be a success and to leave a legacy for generations, you will begin to notice how many different opportunities actually come to your door step. 

It’s amazing how this happens! 

I used to think it was rocket science and while there is a degree of science to it, those most successful in their fields have first accepted that they deserve the prosperity they are pursuing. They are confident that their abilities will lead to even greater opportunities. 

Most of us are endowed with more than one talent or skill set. 

You Sing, Dance & Act. You Own a Production Studio, Play Drums and Teach Trombone. Perhaps you are a Radio Host, Music Blogger and a free lance Web Designer. 

The key is to create a platform for each of these talents and make room for people to discover them. You may be concentrating so hard on your guitar playing that you neglect your acting skills, forgoing the opportunity to play the lead role in your community theater’s production of ‘George Clinton: The Funky Homosapien!.’ Or, you could be so into writing music for your own personal projects that you neglect the opportunity to write for others and do session work. When you look around, you are able to discover a plethora of moments just waiting to happen. 

This is not to say that you are going to be perfect for each endeavor, but experience has taught me that if you approach every opportunity with the Spirit of Excellence, doing your absolute best, it opens the door for another chance to hone that talent on another level. 

In the meantime, write back and share how you have utilized your gifts to create vibrant opportunities you may have never noticed if you didn’t lift your head up to see them!

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