Nenad C is a renowned singer, songwriter, musician & producer from Serbia and of Yugoslavian origin.
His career spans for 40+ years and he has released a dozen albums playing with various bands and experimenting with different genres. 

For the last 4 years, Nenad C has dedicated himself to his solo career – Live At Nišville (a part of The Boogie Man project to be released later this year)                and new album Living Soul.

But Nenad C is more than that – he’s also a novelist & a translator with over a dozen books published; an award-winning screenwriter, a video director… 
A multitalented artist that seems to grow year after year.

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"Deeply influenced by the soul music of the early '70s, Nenad C's new album 'Living Soul' is a masterpiece of the retro-soul genre... 

Again, Nenad C has done everything by himself - he wrote, composed, performed, recorded & produced the whole album, showing his talent as a songwriter, a multi-instrumentalist, and a producer. 

A collection of 8 predominantly love songs shows Nenad C's intimate, emotional side, but Nenad C also keeps social issues as a theme that's embedded in his art - either directly as in 'Doing The Best I Can' or indirectly, making a class setting in the background of the story, like in 'In The Morning' or 'I Feel Good'. 

The overall feel of the album spans from the Motown sound to the giants like Bill Withers, Curtis Mayfield, Edwin Starr... The influence is there, but Nenad C incorporates it into his own distinctive sound creating modern music tapestry of his own..."


The EntreMusician

THE BOOGIE MAN is a double LP with 16 tracks (80 minutes of music) and it’s all done by Nenad C – he is the sole author of the concept & the story, author of all music, lyrics & arrangements, he performed all instruments on the album, sang all vocals, produced & mastered the album, created the cover and the videos.

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