Songwriter LaDena Laine

My name is LaDena Laine and I am a singer/songwriter and a writer of children’s books. I moved to Finland from the USA after university in 1993. Even though I had been writing poety and lyrics for since I was a child, it was in Finland where I met people who could help put them to music. Since then, I have a been doing puppet show and singing with daycare kids. In 2011 Canary Songs was born. I used the company to hold singing workshops and publish books. 2021, because of the pandemic, was a very productive year.

2000 ”It takes time”, - 9 song christian album – Self published
2010 ”Christmas is...”, - sheetmusic -Sulasol OY
2010 ”Songs for Children” – 9 song collection - Sheetmusic – Sulasol OY
2011 Company, “Canary Songs” Registered
2017 ”Utflykt på Ostersjön (Outing in the Baltic Sea)”- Children’s book about the environment– Canary Songs
2017 Concert with St Pauls church choir in Maryland, USA
2018-2019. “Sing and play” childrens’ singing workshop in Hammarland with Mina Fagarlund
2021 ”Låt det Låta/Let it Play” -Childrens’ song book – Canary Songs
2021 ”Karl J. Karlson Loves to Travel” -Childrens’ book on travel – Canary Songs
2021 ”Simon Finds Himself in The Circus” - Childrens’ book on running away and discoverying tha that home is best– Canary Songs
2021 ”Billy’s Birthday Surprise” --Childrens’ book on not getting everything you think you want and being happy with what you did get – Canary Songs
2022 “Låt det Låta” – A three episode children’s program for YLE Arena.
2023 Concert in Eckerö church with “Gospel Project choir”
2023 “Traveling Åland’s Byways”- A poem to represent Åland in the 2023 International Island Games in Guernsey.
Continuously updated Sheet music publications online and song distribution via CCLI.

Artistic Education
2001.2002 Lärkkulla music program
2024 Tileyard Education winter songwriter’s camp