Teri creates music from her heart and soul. An entrepreneurial singer -songwriter, one women digital band. She was born and raised in Brooklyn New York, and now lives in Seattle Washington. She has overcome many obstacles in her life; Domestic violence, Illiteracy, addiction, and cancer from sheer determination and hard work. Yet her compassion has never been Broken. Music saved Teri from a path of destruction and she wants others to know that they have the power to overcome their issues as well. Her songwriting and arranging abilities are amazing. She entertains us with a wide vocal range. People say her music is hypnotic & beautiful. She plays guitar, drums, keyboards and harmonic in her humble home studio.

Teri, a resilient singer-songwriter hailing from Brooklyn,
New York, crafts music that emanates from the depths of
her heart and soul. As an entrepreneurial artist, she not
only writes and sings but also takes charge of producing
her own demos. Despite overcoming adversities like
domestic violence, illiteracy, addiction, and cancer, Teri's
compassion remains unbroken.
Now calling the Pacific Northwest home, Teri attributes
her triumphs to her Higher Power and hard work. Her
journey, marked by determination, serves as a testament
to the transformative power of music. Teri, with her
captivating songwriting and arranging skills, showcases
an incredible vocal range that has been described as
hypnotic and beautiful. In her humble home studio, she
skillfully plays the guitar, drums, keyboards, and
harmonica. Teri's mission is to inspire others, reminding
them of their own power to overcome challenges when
guided by their Higher Power

Listen to Teri's Music Here