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"If you want a strong sail to steady your craft in the long journey towards your artistic and commercial success, you've come to the right place. Jere's personal story, his life's journey along with his passion, dedication, perseverance and immense knowledge of music and the music industry, will help you weather any storm that comes your way. I recommend Jere B to all the singers, songwriters and recording artists I coach because I know working with him will lead to smooth sailing." 

Linda Balliro - EntreMusician , Associate Professor of Voice, Berklee College of Music - Lindaballiro.com


“If you're looking to build a successful life, you need to start with the right mindset. More importantly, you need to start here. In this book, you'll learn how to develop discipline and focus, so you can achieve your goals faster. I was highly impressed with the practical advice and helpful tips Jere B mentioned. The advice shared in this book is transformative for anyone who implements it. If you've never heard of Jere B before, he's one of the most supportive and encouraging people I've ever met, always leading in integrity. This book is a must read!!!!”

-Isabella Bedoya - The Famehackers.com


"The Path of The EntreMusician" should be called 'the ultimate guide' for every creative. This is a quick easy read that you will reference time and time again. Jere's book is filled with wisdom, encouragement, and a touch of soul-searched enthusiasm for the journey of every EntreMusician and creative heart.”

- Barbara Ward Music - Singer/Songwriter and Fine Artist – BarbaraWardMusic.com


“Are you a mature musician debating whether or not to re-ignite your creativity? Have you forgotten what it’s like to live your passion? Are you doubting your artistic viability - worse, denying your calling? Then read this book! In just a few short chapters Jere has gives right amount of pep & enthusiasm blended with sound reason as to why you should embrace your creative self and awaken to a more fulfilled You!” ❤️

- Anna Nicholson – EntreMusician, Songwriter, IndianGypsyMusic.com


“Mindset, Discipline and Focus are the 3 keys business-minded musicians will require to start along the path of their thrive journey. These are the fundamental characteristics of those who can be called true EntreMusicians. They are musicians who will continue to learn and grow using these basic precepts as their foundation, whether it's to expand personal growth and knowledge, broaden their personal skill set or even "next level" their outlook towards future goals. Jere B lays out the details of each of these characteristics as well as how implementation of each one applies to each of us on our daily journey.”

 - Darrell Looney – EntreMusician, Metadata Specialist, Phatfunk.com


"Jere B is a man for all seasons! 

In this new short work< “The Path of The EntreMusician: 9 Keys to Unlock Your Mindset, Discipline & Focus,” He skillfully leads the reader on a path of discovery and instruction on how to excel and be highly productive, not only in the creative world of art, music and production, but in life in general. Writing from experience, with heart, passion, and humor, he simply presents the keys that unlock the doors to great insight and thought provocation. I take joy in highly recommending this book and encourage everyone to put it into practice the wisdom found here."

- Vance Anderson, Artist & Tour Manager/Music Producer:

Tony Bennett, Pat Metheny, John McLaughlin, Paco de Lucia