Beth Champion Mason is a singer, songwriter, worship leader, recording artist, producer, and teacher, among other things. But Beth’s music ministry didn’t start with a career plan—it started with a calling. 

Though Beth loved music growing up, starting on the piano at age 7 and writing her first song at 12, Beth’s life took a definite detour through her teen years which sidetracked her early goals of pursuing music professionally. 

“I kind of gave up on that dream by the time I reached college age,” remembers Beth, “and instead I majored in English, thinking I’d be a novelist, or more realistically, an English teacher.” But God had other plans. 

After college, things seemed to be going great for Beth: she married her sweetheart Lance, got a great job as a writer in the computer field, and quickly racked up successes and promotions. But the successes were empty for Beth; in her heart of hearts, she just knew that career wasn’t her destiny.

“I started desperately seeking God’s will at that point,” Beth recalls, “asking Him what I was supposed to do with my life.” 

And one day He answered. That still, small voice whispered unmistakably: Music Ministry. 

“When I first knew that’s what God was calling me to do, I was kind of frustrated,” Beth says. “I argued with Him, listing all the reasons I couldn’t do that: I didn’t have a degree in music, I had a full-time job, I had a mortgage, I had a less-than-stellar past history. But in the end, I just prayed, ‘God if that’s what You want me to do, You’re going to have to open the doors because I don’t know how. But if You open the doors, I’ll walk through them.’” 

Open doors, He did. 

At the time Beth couldn’t have known that now, over 15 years later, those open doors would lead her to sharing her testimony and music all over the country, or touring to over 36 states, or sharing the stage with national artists like FFH, or leading worship at the Focus on the Family headquarters in Colorado. 

She didn’t know that God would open doors for her story to be featured on The 700 Club TV show, where over 1000 people would call in to dedicate their lives to Christ. 

She couldn’t have known that God would open doors for her to record 4 full-length albums that would sell nearly 5000 copies so far, or have her music featured on radio stations all over the country, or host her own radio show. 

And Beth certainly didn’t know that her music would garner her numerous awards over the years, from places like CCM Magazine, CCMNI network, KCCM Music awards, and others. 

“All I know,” reflects Beth, “is that God has called me to do this. I have a story to share, about His grace and about second chances. I think my calling is to help other people find their calling. And as long as He keeps opening doors for me, I’ll keep walking through them.”