A BIG Enough WHY!

WHY is the foundation of every endeavor. WHY is the cornerstone of every great organization. WHY is the only WHAT that Matters. 

HOW Always Plays Second Fiddle to WHY. 
It never really matters HOW, if your WHY is On Point. 

In Fact, if Your WHY is Big Enough, then HOW will Always Obey. 
WHEN will take care of itself. 

If Your WHY is Huge, You Can Pursue Your Dream with No Money, Zero Connections and a less than perfect Business Plan. In fact, A Hefty WHY can sustain you against multiple failures, losing tons of money and encourage you while you sleep in Your (or a friend’s) car. 

Never fear, a Big Fat WHY will eventually lead to your Success 

However, If Your WHY is a tiny little thing, it doesn’t matter how sterling the silver spoon you were born with or your uncle’s last name. A puny WHY ensures you’ll venture off course, become easily distracted and employ the wrong priorities. Little whys lead to larger HOWS, and a ton of them. Many of which you could’ve avoided if you’d began only began with a Super Sized WHY! 

WHERE Are You? 

You are never too far down the road to stop and begin again. In fact, you will be forced to if you’ve left home with a WHY way too small…

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