Your Music is NOT For Everybody!

Early on, Calling Our Music “Alternative Christian Funk” as catchy as it sounded, wasn’t exactly accurate for my band, SounDoctrine. Most importantly, the phrase Didn’t Tick Off Enough People! Our goal was to create a space within a space that…

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A BIG Enough WHY!

WHY is the foundation of every endeavor. WHY is the cornerstone of every great organization. WHY is the only WHAT that Matters. 

HOW Always Plays Second Fiddle to WHY. 
It never really matters HOW, if your WHY is On

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The Seeds of Vision 

Vision is the Ability to See Beyond What's In Front of You

The Lack of Vision is the Ability to Distort What's Right Before Your Eyes

Without Vision, People Perish (Proverbs 29:18)

But With Vision, Insight, Discernment…

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Abounding Opportunities!

You Are Meant to Succeed, Prosper & Thrive! 

Cement that truth into your Head & Heart Right Now. 

Say it Over & Over and OVER Again until it gets into Your Spirit. 

Once you take it for…

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The Day The Sideman Became the Bandleader

I had an occasion where an Instrumentalist I often employed struck out on his own. I thought it was great because he wasincredibly talented.

I'll call him the proverbial "Bob" to reduce the pronouns herein.

Bob & I have had…

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Stop & Think

The Ability to Effectively Plan Your Artistry is in Direct Proportion to the Time You Take to Think.

EntreMusicians Sacrifice Sufficient Space to Truly Think About Our Next Steps or Our Next Five Years because we're always ON! There is…

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Take Time to Make Time

Creatives Often Live In The Moment. Our Art is Our Life and Life Is Now!

EntreMusicians Equally Embrace & Employ Such Instantaneous Inspiration, but We Know that Our Ultimate Advantages are Rooted in Intense, Focused Planning for the Days, Months &amp…

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Freedom from the Fear of Failure

Firstly, as an Aspiring #Aluxer, I Am Not A Champion of Failure. Like You, I Love to Win, Maintain Advantages, Remain Competitive and Constantly Seek New Ways to Improve. Losing, Quitting, Throwing In the Towel and Similar Derivatives are Not in My…

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Think...It Ain't Illegal, Yet!”

— George Clinton