From The Moment You Were Born, You Knew Touch. The Doctor Who Delivered You Placed You Upon Your Mother’s Breasts. You were passed around from one family member to another as an infant. You were held, cuddled, kissed on and caressed. You grew up understanding, needing and yearning for the power, the impact, the excitement only a touch could bring. A Hug, An Embrace, A High Five, A Chest Bump, A Gentle Hand On Your Shoulder to Encourage You. Our Lives Are Built Upon Touching Each Other. 

In the 17 & 1800’s all a man needed was his word and a handshake to seal a deal - even one which meant thousands of dollars or more. A handshake meant trust, honesty and commitment. The Touch of Integrity. 

Holding Hands is the bedrock of any relationship. Parent To Child. Friendship. Lovers. 

The Lack of touch.... The denial of touch towards whatever degree of your unique relationships is to be simply, out of touch and even insensitive and inhumane. To Forbid Touch over extended periods of time means the process of desensitizing our basic humanness. Yes, there is a touch that IS forbidden, but to brainwash people, through fear, into believing that to embrace your brother, your sister, your friend, or potential partner will harm you is an intentional assault on who we are and why we are - and should be called out for what it is.

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