The Saddest Songs I've Ever Heard

Three Years Ago, My Business Partner Jerry Thompson & I were in the Studio working with this Exceptional Young Singer who was Absolutely Perfect for the Sessions. Once the Week was Wrapped, We Knew We Had Exactly what was Needed and Planned the Recording's Release. About Two Weeks Later, We Learned of His Father's Unfortunate Death and Out of Respect for Him, Attended the Memorial Service. His Father had Battled Cancer. Noticing the Amount of People Who'd Gathered to Celebrate His Life, it was Obvious He Had Made Quite an Impact on Many People.

As We Entered the Hall, The First Thing I Noticed was the Extraordinary Music Wafting Through the Speakers. It Was Strange but Beautiful. Every Selection that Followed had Character, Boldness, Depth which Bent & Blended Genres while Pronouncing Its Own Countenance, Flooding the Room With Rhythm & Soul. Not to Appear Disrespectful, I Couldn't Help but to Sway, Bob My Head and on Some Occasions Pop My Fingers while we moved Through the Lengthy Line to Express Our Condolences to His Family.

In Spite of Myself, When I Finally Approached the Young Singer, I Just Had to Ask!  After Listening to Several Dynamites in a Row, I Couldn't Pinpoint the Artists being Played, but I'd Love to Purchase & Explore More of their Artistry.

"It's My Dad's," the Young Singer Confessed. "He's The One Who Got Me Into Music. But He Never Released Any Of It, So We Figured We'd Play It Here."

My Heart Sank.

He Went on to Reveal that His Dad had Acquired Tons of Gear, Had a Very Elaborate Basement Studio to which He'd Often Retreat to After Work. He Made Several Hundred Recordings through the Decades and although He Had Entertained the Notion of Becoming A Major Force in the Music Industry, He Never Felt His Songs Could "Cut The Mustard." So While Many Family Members &Friends Would Urge Him to Take The Risk, The More Adamant & Resistant He Seemed to Become. Finally, When He Received the Fateful Diagnosis, He Somehow Felt Strangely Justified that His Music Wasn't Supposed to See The Light of Day.

"This One's My Favorite," His Son spoke brokenly, tears welling in his eyes. "He Just Never Went For It."

My Heart Sank Deeper.

I Left That Moment With a Sense of Anguish wondering How Many Musicians There Were Like This Man who Took His Gift to The Graveyard without the World, Save A Precious Few, Enjoying His Splendid Greatness. How Many Artists Drift Through Lives They Hate, Embracing Average and Convincing Themselves that Their Creativity Pales in Comparison to Everyone Else They Hear? How Many Invest Tons of Money Into Gear, but Zero Time Into the Effort of Climbing Up Out of the Basement and Into the Hearts & Minds of Potential Millions?

How About You? Are You Among the Risk Takers Who Would Dare To Go Beyond Your Own Self Esteem and Face Both Adoration and Criticism? Are You Convincing Yourself that You Don't Have What It Takes, That No One Will Notice and that You Should Just Settle...?

Today Is The Day To Revisit, Reassess and Redress Your Truth, Your Dream, Your Soul!

Now Is The Time To Gather Your Courage AND Your Craft and Decide Once and For All That You Are Going to Open Your Heart, Expose Your Art and Take Your Rightful Place Among the Myriad of EntreMusicians Who Have Committed that As Long As We Have Breath, Strength & Life We Are Going For It With All Of Our Might and On That Day When They Lay Us to Rest, The Planet Will Know that Not Only Did We Live Here for a Season, but We Shared All that Was Given Us By The Creator and Through Our Artistic Expression, We Made A Real Difference. 

The Saddest Songs are the Ones Which Never get Sung.    

I Humbly Submit This Post in Fond Memory of Three EntreMusicians I Knew Who Stepped Well Beyond Themselves and Went For It With Everything They Had. May They Rest Peacefully.

Gary Jones

Dean Francis

Kim Hines


Photo By Vincent Camacho

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