The Seeds of Vision 

Vision is the Ability to See Beyond What's In Front of You

The Lack of Vision is the Ability to Distort What's Right Before Your Eyes

Without Vision, People Perish (Proverbs 29:18)

But With Vision, Insight, Discernment & Perseverance; Protection & Prosperity are Sure to Follow.

You Cannot be an EntreMusician without Vision. Vision Begins Before You Sit Down and Plan. It's the Incubator of Your Imagination, the Cradle of Your Creativity and the Undercurrent of Your Endurance. It's the Bedrock of Your Purpose. Vision Is Your Inclination and Your Motivation.

Vision Can be Messy as Often You Don't See Everything At Once.

Yet You Are Committed Enough to Stay Tuned to the Frequency You're On and Move Forward, Step By Step, Inch by Inch, Through Tunnels, Around Corners, Taking Risks, Asking Questions, Creating Solutions, Debunking the Status Quo...These Are The Seeds of Vision. This is the Labyrinth of the Great Harvest, Before the Ground is Tilled.

Vision Can be Lonely. The Visioneer is often Shunned, Mocked and/or Belittled for Believing in Something they Cannot See, Hear, Taste, Smell or Touch, although the Object of their Discernment is Actual, Vibrant and awaits its Manifestation into the Tangible & True. In the Movies it Makes Perfect Sense, but in their Real Lives, Vision is Often relegated to Non-Sense...

EntreMusicians "See It Before We See It!" We Live Our Lives on the Principles of Two Creations, The One that Exists in Our Thoughts, Hopes & Dreams and the Ultimate Birthing, Nurturing and Maturation of the Process. We Don't Say No, even in times when we must say "Not Now." 

My Band SounDoctrine has been on hiatus for about Three Years. Life, Family, Creative Dissidence and Other Minor Factors have played Major Roles in Our Intentional Shelving, until Ideality could be restored.   

Now, Our Next Journey is entitled, "VISION." It's a 40 (Forty) Song Collaborative that Looks at Life beyond 2020 from Seven Perspectives: The Spiritual, Emotional, Philosophical, Technological, Psychological, Sociological and of course, Musical interwoven within the threefold elements of Love, Light & Life embedded upon the Cornerstone of Truth - Sound Doctrine.

It's a Gigantic Vision that will take a lot of teeth to chew. "VISION" will definitely be SounDoctrine's most interactive project to date. We are Inviting our Followers (family) to Help Us Create the Music, Remix what's Created and Further Traverse Beyond the Adventurous Genres We have Previously Explored (which are many)! 

Come Join Us! It's Going To Be An Extraordinary Ride!


While Posting This Blog, I was Reflecting Upon All of the Music SounDoctrine has been Blessed to Present to You and the Gratitude We Feel for Your Reception.

Please Enjoy this Free Download of "Absolute Truth"  written by Frank Walton, which features Frank on Trumpet & Keys, Mitch Lawrence on Sax and Jonathan Thomas on Piano & Strings.

Prepare to Participate in the Process of the Much More to Come!


Peace & Blessings!

Jere B

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