It’s a little baffling to think that we are already inside the third month of 2020! 

Equally Astonishing is that Many EntreMusicians are Professional Perpetual Procrastinators. You may feel free to practice saying that three times fast! 

The Creative Instinctively Explores Each & Every Rabbit Trail inside our Projects. Frequently We Stop/Start/Start Again or Run to the Other Extreme and Binge on One ‘Thang’ or One Specific Aspect of A ‘Thang’ until we have Massaged the Life Out of the Doggone Thang! 

Guilty As Charged… 

Deadlines Do No Good when Intense Introspective is Involved. 

I Must Listen to 9,874 out of the 11,023 Cowbell Samples I have. And Don’t Get Me Started on Choosing The Right Kick Drum… 

I Completely Obsess Over The Mix. I become too Preoccupied with Reverb & Delay Settings. More Often than Not, I find myself stripping the Song Back to the Bare Bones which provided the Original Inspiration and the Compulsive debacle begins again. 

You Too, Huh? 

It can get to the place where seasons will fly by and You (and I) are so involved in The Work, we ignore our Ultimate Goal of The Result! Obviously, I am not suggesting we corrupt the Spirit of Excellence or Perform beneath Our Peak. I am talking about our tendency to be so Pessimistic & Critical about the minor details that our Art lacks the Joy and Blessing it was intended to become. 

Berry Gordy used to say that he loved to leave mistakes in Motown Music (a young Michael Jackson shouting “Just look over your shoulders, honey!” on  ‘I’ll Be There‘) or My Friend & Fellow EM, Ohio Player Billy Beck screaming in the middle of “Love Rollercoaster” and leaving it In The Mix. DJ’s would later begin the rumor that a woman was murdered during the session! Talk About Emotion that produces Gold Records! 

The point is to make sure we have captured all of the elements that need to be in a compelling, thought provoking and engaging work and move on. Besides, there is ALWAYS the Remix! 

But if you don’t Release It, Ship It, Launch It, Market It or Sell It While It’s Hot, Then When Will You? 

The Truth is, There will Never Be Enough Money, or The Right Time or Season or Conditions or Circumstances or ___________! Make The Decision. Get It Out The Door and Begin Again! 

What I’ve learned to do is place Human Buffers in my life who have the Undisputed Right to begin Interrogation Procedures if they feel my Obsessive Compulsive Behavior  (Note I did not say “Disorder!) is getting the best of me! My Co-Pilot Jerry Thompson, Executive Administrator Michaela Write and/or My Beautiful Wife Lori can yell STOP at anytime and listen to the work themselves to determine if I am over the edge. And I do trust their ears! 

I’d Love To Know Your Tips & Tricks to Getting That Thang Done! 

I’d  Also Like to Know where you might be struggling! 

Hit Me Up!

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