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It’s a little baffling to think that we are already inside the third month of 2020! 

Equally Astonishing is that Many EntreMusicians are Professional Perpetual Procrastinators. You may feel free to practice saying that three times fast! 

The Creative Instinctively…

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Balancing A Refrigerator On Your Nose...

…while walking across a Tightrope, Suspended through Mid Air before Ten Thousand People is probably the Closest Description of Being an EntreMusician I could come up with. The others were far too graphic, nauseating and painful, so I scrapped them… 

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Stop & Think

The Ability to Effectively Plan Your Artistry is in Direct Proportion to the Time You Take to Think.

EntreMusicians Sacrifice Sufficient Space to Truly Think About Our Next Steps or Our Next Five Years because we're always ON! There…

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Take Time to Make Time

Creatives Often Live In The Moment. Our Art is Our Life and Life Is Now!

EntreMusicians Equally Embrace & Employ Such Instantaneous Inspiration, but We Know that Our Ultimate Advantages are Rooted in Intense, Focused Planning for the Days…

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